Feeling overwhelmed? Buried neck deep in life? So folks today gets a little deep but it may give you a little life tip that makes sense, actually TOO MUCH sense.

As much as I’ve always got a smile across my mush I have days that destroy me, I’m at the lowest point just wanting the day to bugger off elsewhere, I want to disappear and say balls to everything. You always tend to blow at those closest to you too right? Wife, husband, partner whoever is there, making them feel like it’s their fault you feel this way.

I’m normally pretty good at digging out of these holes when I’m a mess,  of what I need to get done and all the BS life brings, but sometimes I just hide it all.

I got some advice recently from a truly amazing fella, he’s a real inspiration so I’m going to regurgitate what he wrote as it makes logical sense. So buckle up Dorothy I’m gonna blow your mind wide open.

When your to do list is huge and full of must do tasks how often do they get done? I bet the thought overwhelms ( there’s that word) your mind and you find your way back to a hole and naff all gets done. But here’s a truth bomb… Feeling overwhelmed doesn’t really exist. (Messed up more than a hobos thong ay!) 

It’s because you brain believes your own crap, sounds harsh but it’s true, you have nothing but A THOUGHT, A thought we chose to believe as gospel; we all do it, I confess I do it too often and nothing gets done, then the teddy comes out the pram because I feel I’m failing.

But why some days does stuff just get done at a massive rate, like when the in laws say they’re coming over so the house gets blitz cleaned or holiday packing all done last minute.

So dealing with this little bugger of a thought ,what do you do?….Simple QUESTION IT before the THOUGHT becomes a FEELING. I’m going to cover this again soon but here’s a simple way to sort yourself out. First PRIORITISE what HAS to get done; realistically it’s a couple of things and the rest is just filler.  Will you die for not doing it?…no hopefully not.

Second is the old ‘I don’t know where to start’… Look at your important stuff ( 4 is a nice number to prioritise ) and start ANYWHERE just start and you’ll get it done.

So don’t torment yourself, beating yourself up just makes you miserable and a complete turdburger to be around. I get it, I’m terrible for doing it, but since I now plan a little I’m relaxed and MORE PRODUCTIVE

So what’s going to now “overwhelm” you now? Hopefully nothing.

Ben ” turdburger extraordinaire”

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