Feel guilty binge eating? What for?


Binge eating is a soul destroying thing when trying to drop fat. But why does it have to cause this dirty nasty miserable sensation? It’s not like you can change it and if you’re feeling down, you’re far more likely to do it again.

Hell I’ve had a disgusting weekend of food but has it bothered me? No because I know if I keep a level head I can still reach my targets. I make sure my diet is varied enough so a binge is rare but every so often I’ll be out and eat food I know will hamper my progress; but instead of beating myself up or even worse in my opinion, trying to basically starve myself and crying into my broccoli, I compensate. 

I just start afresh and pick up from where I was at, that’s the best method for damage limitation. Try starving yourself and you’ll probably end up with a bigger binge, feel crap for doing it , and that chocolate fudge brownie for four, may become so over powering that it starts a right ‘orrible circle of ill feeling and a vicious circle. 

If events come up that require eating what’s available, try to enjoy and just make educated choices; Some events only come up once in a while like special birthdays etc but get back on the wagon and you’ll be fine I promise; just don’t beat yourself up and remain in control.

Ben “had his cake and ate it….all of it”

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