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Is your bullshit burying your progress?

A little about me first, I’m a Personal Trainer and Health & Fitness Editor working up to 18 hours a day, that’s recently become a father for the first time and trying to fit family, friends, and a Mrs in my schedule too. See how we all have an excuse not to find time for ourselves and why it has to change?

See I’ve been hiding behind my own crap for so long I almost thought it true. It gave me an excuse, a rock to hide under..we all do it right? 

Now I’ve simplified everything from my training, nutrition - and guess what I’m seeing?…RESULTS.

I started Motion Coach to give you simple routes to awesomeness that I’m walking myself. So you’ll see the facts behind it and realise that simple changes can achieve epic results, if you just get out from under your rock.

So.. Do you need to change to hit your goals? 

If so I can provide the help to get you there.


Ben ” bullshit beater”


Its easy to get started with us, and once you have signed up, you can access your plan 24 hours a day wherever you are in the world on laptop, mobile or desktop..We're ready to go when you are! 



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Our tiered monthly pricing is transparent to allow you to get the best out of what we offer.
But if you dont see what you need feel free to drop us a line and we can custom build you a plan.
Plus if you want to change at any time, thats fine too.
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